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Start Shop versions:

V. 1.0.10

+ Added Whatsapp Share

• Contained Form item success animation within item.

V. 1.0.11

• Updated Asterisk Remover to version 2.5;

+ Added "Reset Videos in Inactive Slider Items" script;

• Improved default Cookie Bar Button and Text styles;

+ Added "Font-weight: Normal" style;

+ Added "Font-weight: Light" style;

+ Added "Kill BRs" style;

• Updated "Different Menu after Scrolling" script (performance);

+ Added "Custom Slider Controls" script;

• Improved "Cell Width: Auto" style;

• Updated "Mobile Form Padding Equalizer" style to acivate at 600px instaed of 767px;

• Updated "Cell Width: Auto" style;

+ Added "Kill Strongs" style;

+ Added "nomargin" main style;

• Updated "Center Child Buttons" style to work better with form buttons.

V. 1.0.12

+ Added "Thumbnails" script (one set per page);

+ Added "Tablet Un-Full-Width Child Container" style.

V. 1.0.14

+ Added JS for "Outside Slider" buttons;

+ Added "privacy_line" label;

• Updated "Cell Width: Auto" style.

V. 1.0.15

+ Added "Label Link" script to force links in input labels to work.

V. 1.0.16

+ Added "Kill Child Grid-cell Top" style.

+ Added Cookie settings page + Data.

+ Added Privacy policy page + Data.

+ Added 404 page + Data.

+ Added Cookie settings label text NL.

• Changed Cookie Bar info button.

V. 1.0.17

• Changed footer design;

+ Added history.back() button to Template Footer for PP page;

+ Added Global style that prevents first Shuttle cookie option from being interacted with.

V. 1.0.18

+ Added Masonry prefab page;

• Adjusted Masonry script to reapply on window load

+ Added Scroll-by drop items (.dropcont, .drop)